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At The Contract Lawyer, we believe protecting your website from inappropriate use is essential. Taking preventative steps now reduces your risk of liability and goes a long way in showing you take your duties as a business owner seriously.


Website Terms & Conditions Explained

What Are Website Terms & Conditions?

Website terms and conditions explain how your site can and can’t be used by visitors. They address the rights and obligations of the user while limiting your liability in the event the website’s terms and conditions are breached.

Terms and conditions will apply to all visitors on your website. By making this clear to users from the beginning, visitors to your site will be unable to claim the terms and conditions don’t apply to them. This ensures you’re legally protected in the event your site is misused.

Any business with an online presence must also include certain details on their website to comply with the E-Commerce Regulations. If you run a limited company, you have a further obligation to provide information under The Companies Act 2006. The best way to handle your legal responsibilities is to invest in clearly defined, well written website terms and conditions.

Why You Need Website Terms & Conditions

Website terms and conditions protect your business through:

Preventing unauthorised access to your website

Banning unauthorised use of your sites content

Safeguarding your intellectual property

Disclosing security information

Outlining unacceptable behaviour like hacking or uploading viruses

Prohibits the expression of illegal / defamatory views

Requiring users to be over the age of 18 (if applicable)

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What's Included?

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